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Testing the testers


Goom Electrical has developed a novel way of testing the competence of new engineers, using a custom built rig to help gauge the abilities of potential recruits.

The rig was devised and built by Goom consultant James Brooks, who is a lecturer of electrical engineering at Barnfield College in Luton.
James uses such rigs in the classroom to help put student engineers through their paces as they work towards City & Guilds diplomas in inspection, testing and installation, and 18th Edition Electrical Wiring Regulations.

Our custom built rig gives our Qualified Supervisors the flexibility to create all kinds of faults the engineers might encounter in live testing and installation environments.

“This rig is a great way to put engineers to the test by simulating the real world in our office,” said Qualified Supervisor, Billy Burton.

“We are using this as part of the interview process for engineers, and also as a tool to help our trainees develop their skills safely. Our thanks to James for producing the rig, which is being put to great use already.”

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